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I possess technical skills, in particular familiarisation with a range of programming languages and softwares. Team working skills to liaise with other developers and other teams involved in development. Self-motivation and the ability to work independently on your own projects. I specialize in gameplay programming and love quick results but enjoy tackling any problem placed in front of me.

Game Development - 5 years of experience95%
VR/AR - Apps and Games - 3 years of experience90%
Unreal Engine 4 - 2 years of experience90%
Unity - 3 years of experience85%
  • It’s so cool, to make imaginary stuff feels real. Its an emerging field, and gives more room to development team for creativity. Interesting features I’ve worked on are : Full body locomotion, Hand and foot IK, Action combat system using motion controller, VR puzzles and interactions (dart, unlocking doors etc..)

  • Unreal Engine is the most emerging game engine of this era. It posses all the features required to ship a AAA title. I’ve been using Unreal for around 2.5 years. As a gameplay programmer, I’ve explored all the features, from prototyping to shiping a game. Currently working on VR FPS game using unreal.

  • To me, Developing game mechanics is the most fun and exciting part of development. Strong game design sense and qualifications plays vital role. My responsibilities as gameplay programmer varied according to the nature of project, from AI to Animation to solving mathematical problems, making combat system, puzzles and interactions etc.

  • As a game developer, I’ve often used mathematical and physics solution to tackle the situation. Trigonometry, matrices, algebra and vectors are key areas. It feels great to use the such theoretical concepts into practical work that you have studied earlier.

  • I’ve been working on Unity3D for around 4 years. It helped me in developing several projects from single player games, multiplayer games to AR and VR games and apps. I’ve in-depth knowledge of Unity as I’ve made several projects using unity as corporate projects and freelancing projects as well.

  • As a game developer, I’ve worked on C# the most on Unity, Visual scripting on unreal engine. I’ve used JAVA for native android development using Eclipse IDE, later Android Studio. I’ve used LUA in my early days of game development on Corona Game Engine as well.

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I'm Taha Rizvi and

Hi ! My name is Taha Rizvi, I'm a gamer, tech enthusiast and a developer with having opportunity to work on many tools including; Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D, Corona, Android studio and few others too. I've proven skills and experience working with VR including Vive, Oculus and PS VR. But to me soft skills matters as much as technical, so I've developed myself as a great team player with natural instincts of great patience and communication.


Educational background

Masters in Computer science from IBA Karachi

Software project management Usability engineering Advanced Algorithms
Advanced human computer interaction Advanced data warehousing Requirements Engineering

Research work:

Artificial Intelligence techniques used in competitive games (on-going)

Bachelors in Computer science from IBA Karachi. - (Gold Medalist)

Mathematics in games Modeling and Simulation Object oriented programming
Data Structures Mobile Application Development Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering Data Mining
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I’d love to chat about job opportunities, projects I’ve worked on, diversity in tech, gaming, memes, or whatever is on your mind.