Online PVP Strategy Game

Project Details

  • Shelved project, worked around 8 months on this project.

  • Abstract :
    A Cross-platform (PC and mobile) based multiplayer head to head strategy game, developed on Unity3D game engine.

    My Responsibilities:

    As a Gameplay Programmer, my responsibilities were to develop core gameplay mechanics such as:

  • Health and damage calculations
  • Navmesh and AI for enemies
  • 90+ various spell cards functionality
  • Particle effects for explosions and spells
  • Server and client hit-points and position sync
  • Characters animation integration.

  • Techinical Details:

  • Game Engine: Unity3D
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Google+ and in-app purchase integration
  • Online matchmaking (AWS)
  • Progress save and load from server
  • Online database of cards, spells, units and heroes

  • Other Project Details:

    We worked around 8-9 months on this project, with a team of 6-8 people including programmers, animators and 3D modelers. We decided to shelf this project, as we planned to work on more interesting idea, that is: Area of Darkness: Sentinel. This game has 24 unit characters, 10 heroes with 50+ unlockable items and 90+ consumable spell cards.