Rise of Empires

Project Details

  • Release date: January-2016

  • Abstract :
    A mobile based multiplayer strategy game, based on realistic timeline. User have to create a town and upgrade to progress and raid on other player towns, to gather resources. I developed this game as Final year project (FYP) with my 2 other partners, and got first position.

    My Responsibilities:

    As a gameplay programmer, my responsibilities were:

  • Develop the AI pathfinding using A* algorithm
  • Grid mapping system
  • Units and building damage and hitpoints
  • Development and integration of particle system
  • Priority based AI target selection

  • Techinical Details:

  • Game Engine: Unity3D
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Google+ and in-app purchase integration
  • 2.5D isometric view
  • Unit Shadow in 2D workspace
  • NGUI 2D for User interface
  • Game save and load from server

  • Other Project Details:

    Rise of Empire (ROE) is a multiplayer online game developed for mobile devices. To keep game optimize we built this game in entirely 2D framework in isometric view, so it feels like 3D, this phenomenon is known as 2.5D. Player starts with basic town, and build defense and economy survive and conquer new towns. There are multiple types of units with unique attributes, that can be upgraded to make a strong army. All the progress is saved on server in text file with encryption. A* algorithm is used to find the best possible path to reach the destination. We made shadows by tilting the sprite, and tinted it to grey shade, by this technique we were able to make perfect shadows of 2D object with respect to the main light source.

    This game ‘Rise of Empire’ we made as a final year project.